At Home Electric Cupping Therapy Device


Professional-Level Cupping Therapy In The Comfort Of Your Own Home! 

Our “Electric Cupping Therapy” device  brings professional-level cupping therapy to the comfort of your home. We’ve combined our dynamic-suction technology, therapeutic heat, adjustable red light therapy, and vibration into one easy-to-use device for the most optimal localised pain relief and recovery experience.


How It Works:

The device combines 4 clinically-proven therapy modules to relieve muscle tension and encourage blood circulation. Effectively improving muscle healing and alleviating pain, our Electric Cup stimulates the chemical breakdown of any toxins inside the body, reducing cellulite and decreases inflammation allowing for a wider range of motion across joints and muscle groups in addition to improved recovery.

Module One: Circular suction motion releases toxins and breakups fat cells. The result is a fantastic boost in blood circulation to the concentrated area, speeding up the recovery process while massaging out muscle knots and acute pain.

Module Two: Red Light Therapy - Encourages cellular growth & immunity by Penetrating your skin at a deeper level your cellular immunity will improve and heal faster.

Module Three: Healing Heat - Adjustable levels of heat allow for the local region of muscles to relax so the benefits of cupping are maximised. Heat can be adjusted to  your preferred level of heat up to 50°C for a soothing session.

Module Four: Adjust heat and suction intensity up to 12 levels. Start off slow and work your way up to maximum effectiveness as you build tolerance. Choose your level of intensity when it comes to suction power and heat for a tailored cupping experience.

Benefits Of Electric Cupping Therapy:

✅ Pain Relief: Cupping therapy is often used to alleviate muscle and joint pain. The suction created by the cups can help increase blood flow to the targeted areas, promoting healing and reducing discomfort.

✅ Muscle Tension and Knots: Cupping therapy may be used to address muscle tension and knots. The suction can create a myofascial release, helping to relax tense muscles.

✅ Improved Blood Circulation: The suction effect of cupping can stimulate blood circulation, which may help in delivering oxygen and nutrients to tissues and removing waste products.

✅ Cellulite Reduction: Some people use cupping therapy for body slimming and reducing the appearance of cellulite. The suction is believed to break up cellulite and stimulate the lymphatic system.

✅ Relaxation and Stress Reduction: Cupping therapy is believed to have a relaxing effect on the body. It may help reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being.

✅ Detoxification: Advocates of cupping therapy suggest that it can help in detoxifying the body by promoting the removal of toxins through the lymphatic system.

✅ Enhanced Skin Health: Cupping therapy can improve the appearance of the skin by promoting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This may contribute to a healthier complexion.

✅ Portable & Easy To Re-Charge: Each device comes with a USB Type-C charging cable and takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge and can last up to Ten Therapy Sessions (20 minutes each), while the device is set to its maximum setting!  Convenient size for portability. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if it is difficult to push/scrape?
A: We recommend applying a pre- therapy oil (Vitamin C, argan oil, jojoba oil, orange oil, rose oil, coconut oil) as this promotes easier application, improved suction, and prevents bruising.

Q: Will it hurt or damage my skin?
A: With several levels of intensity, you are able to adjust the suction, massage, and heating power of our devices with ease. We recommend starting at a low level for beginners and does not hurt or cause permanent skin damage.

Q: Will it leave a mark?
A: With extended use you may notice the classic red circle bruises on your skin, this is temporary and indicates the effectiveness of our devices. For those who are familiar with cupping the marks are due to increased blood flow and the release of toxins.
These marks will gradually disappear within 3-5 days and they are nothing to worry about! 

Q: Can I use it on damaged skin like cuts, open wounds, etc
A: No,  avoid use on any damaged or open wounds

Item Specifications:

  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 78x94mm
  • Control Method: Mechanical
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Use Time: Takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge and can last for hours

    What Is Included: 

  • 1 x Electric Cupping Therapy Hand Held Device
  • 2 x  Filter cotton
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable (Type-C)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • *Please note essential oils are NOT included in package*

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